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NB-IoT Weather Stations

entry-level NB-IoT

nMETOS 100

Accurately monitor precipitation and assist you in making informed decisions for irrigation

nMETOS 180

Comprehensive and accurate data on air temperature and humidity on your farm


Advanced soil sensors along with air temperature and humidity. Complete NB Solution.

nMETOS 200

Comprehensive weather data, including leaf moisture measurement

NB-IoT Indoor Weather Stations

Choose one of the two ideal indoor weather stations for your greenhouse conditions!


Advanced sensors for monitoring indoor weather conditions, such as air temperature and humidity


Monitoring temperature and humidity conditions, along with soil parameters, in enclosed spaces

Increase yield
Detailed monitoring of weather and soil conditions helps make optimal decisions for higher agricultural production
Significant savings
The use of soil sensors and NB-IoT products enables efficient utilization of resources such as water, fertilizers, and energy.
Risk reduction
By continuously monitoring weather conditions and soil status, you can quickly identify potential risks and take preventive measures
Precision and Efficiency
The precise and up-to-date data provided by AGROGIS solutions help you make better decisions and optimize agricultural processes
Simplified management
Virtual weather stations and disease models facilitate decision-making and agricultural planning
By efficiently utilizing resources, you contribute to more sustainable agriculture and reduce the environmental impact
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NB-IoT Weather Stations

Intermediate level

μMETOS 200

Measure precipitation, temperature, humidity, and leaf wetness, ideal for beginner farms


Monitor weather, solar radiation, wind, and air humidity, ideal for novice farms


Monitor precipitation, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and wind speed


Measure precipitation, temperature, wind speed and direction, as well as solar radiation


Measure precipitation, temperature, humidity, wind, solar radiation, and leaf wetness

Are you just getting started?

You can choose a virtual weather station
The virtual weather station
Directly through the AGROGIS application

With the AGROGIS Virtual Weather Station, we take care of your farm even when you’re not there. It’s the perfect solution for cost-conscious farmers and efficient resource management. This virtual station, available on each of your parcels, provides you with access to accurate weather forecasts and detailed weather condition information tailored to agriculture’s needs.

Accurate weather forecasts
Get real-time weather information and accurate forecasts to make informed agricultural decisions
Weather status
Monitor the current weather conditions on your parcel and receive real-time alerts about significant changes
Weather information for agriculture
Access detailed data on temperatures, humidity, wind speed, and other relevant meteorological factors. Along with soil temperature and humidity estimation or sowing window
Efficient resource allocation
With accurate information, you can efficiently manage irrigation, pesticide, and fertilizer application, saving resources and money
No maintenance
The virtual weather station requires no maintenance or physical installation. It's a convenient and cost-effective solution for beginner farms
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Soil sensor - miniMETOS
Measuring soil parameters

miniMETOS is a combination of the most essential sensors for real-time soil temperature and humidity measurement!

The device is powered by a battery with a lifespan ranging from 6 to 12 months and provides valuable data such as precise soil moisture content and soil temperature at every centimeter of the measuring area. This helps you plan irrigation work and timely alerts you to potential stress points.

It monitors the location of machinery

With WorkTrack, your fleet is always under complete control – you know exactly when your drivers are arriving and departing.

Here’s what you get with WorkTrack:

• Records a GPS position and speed every 5 seconds and transfers the data to the application every 30 seconds. • Detailed report on the machine’s activity, including where, when, and how long it has been in operation. • Current positions of all active machines. • Improved work scheduling

Discover our other products as well.

NB-IoT from our offering


Artificial Intelligence-based tool for monitoring plant growth and health


Artificial Intelligence-based tool for insect research with iScout from AGROGIS

iMETOS MobiLab

Advanced solution for soil, water, and plant analysis in agriculture with IMETOS MobiLab


Accurate measurements of chlorophyll and nitrate in plants with the Dualex sensor

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